Complete guide of organic olive oil for hair

Organic olive oil promotes shine and softness to hair by nourishing and moisturizing them and the antioxidants in them protects the hair from environmental and styling damage.

11/16/20237 min read

In this blog post, we will explore: 1) Benefits of organic Olive oil for hair 2) Buying best quality olive oil, 3) How to use olive oil on hair 4) Can it be mixed with other ingredients for better results 5) How to use olive oil for healthy hair.

Organic Olive oil for hair
Organic Olive oil for hair

Choosing between Organic extra virgin olive oil and Organic Olive oil for hair strengthening:

Olive oil benefits are widely recognized for usage on hair and scalp.

Firstly, there is not much difference between organic olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil when it comes to hair health. However, extra virgin olive oil contains slightly more antioxidants and other beneficial compounds because it is less processed.

So if you can afford it them go for extra virgin olive oil as it may be slightly higher prices and quality but still, organic olive oil will do the trick.

Science tells us:

A number of scientific studies have found that olive oil may have a beneficial effect in promoting the growth of hair, for eg:

  • In a study published in the journal Phytomedicine in 2015, it was found that olive oil reduced dandruff among humans and improved the health of their scalps. There was also a finding in the study that olive oil proved to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and itching on the scalp.

    Lee, J. J., Shin, Y. M., Han, E. J., & Kim, B. S. (2013). Olive oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth by downregulating dihydrotestosterone and upregulating insulin-like growth factor-1 in testosterone-induced balding mice. Dermatology, 226(1), 55-60.

Organic olive oil contains antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.

Below are 10 amazing benefits.

10 Benefits of using organic olive oil for hair health:

  1. Deep Moisturization: The natural moisturizing properties of olive oil make it a good natural moisturizer. It nourishes the hair shaft and also reduces dryness.

  2. Stronger Hair: Olive oil contains fatty acids, particularly oleic acid which strengthen hair shafts reducing breakage. As a result, hair is healthier and more resilient.

  3. Added Shine and Luster: Hair can be given a healthy shine with olive oil. It smoothes the outer layer of hair which is known as the cuticle resulting in a reflective surface.

  4. Reduced Frizz and Tangles: Olive oil minimises frizz and makes detangling easier by smoothing the outer layer of the hair. People with curly or coarse hair especially benefit from this.

  5. Increased Hair Growth: Blood circulation to the scalp can be improved by olive oil's vitamins E and K. In turn, this may promote hair growth.

  6. Protection Against Environmental Damage: Hair can become dull and damaged by pollution, UV rays and harsh weather conditions, hence due to the antioxidants in olive oil, hair gets protection.

  7. Dandruff Reduction: A massage with olive oil can ease dandruff and dryness. This moisturizer soothes irritated scalps and promotes a healthier scalp.

  8. Natural Conditioner: Hair remains soft, smooth and manageable with the help of olive oil which serves as a natural conditioner.

  9. Safe for Sensitive Scalps: Compared to some synthetic hair products, organic olive oil is generally well-tolerated by most individuals.

  10. Versatility: Various hair treatments can be created with olive oil alone or in combination with other natural ingredients, making it a versatile hair care ingredient.

Even though organic olive oil has numerous benefits for hair it is important to take note that individual responses to it may differ. If you have specific hair concerns or conditions, it's recommended to perform a patch test.

Best quality and Certified organic olive oil for hair care:

Since it is unrefined and cold-pressed, Liquid Gold ™ Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil retains more of its natural nutrients, including antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is also certified organic, so you can rest assured that it is pesticide-free.

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Organic Olive oil for hair health Organic Olive oil for hair health

Pros for using Liquid Gold ™ certified Organic olive oil:

  • Pure and cold-pressed

  • Eco-certified.

How to use olive oil for hair to get maximum benefits?

Follow these steps for maximum benefits from organic olive oil:

  1. Start with clean hair: Cleanse your hair gently with a sulfate-free shampoo. Dampen your hair with a towel. Don't use hair dryers as they damage hair.

  2. Section Your Hair: Make manageable sections of your hair. This way the oil is applied more thoroughly and reaches all parts of your scalp and hair.

  3. Apply to the scalp and hair strands: The olive oil should be massaged into your scalp with your fingertips. Ensure that the oil is distributed evenly by applying gentle circular motions.Work your way from the roots to the tips, ensuring every strand is coated with oil and Pay extra attention to the ends as they tend to be more dry.

  4. Massage and comb the hair: Massage your scalp again after applying the oil to stimulate blood flow. Comb your hair using a wide-tooth comb after applying oil.

  5. Wrap Your Hair Around: Wrap your head in a warm, damp towel once your hair has been well soaked. By moisturising the hair shaft, oil penetrates better.

  6. Leave it in: Let the oil sit in your hair for at least 30 minutes. It can be left in overnight for effective treatment.

  7. Rinse and shampoo: When you're done, rinse your hair with warm water thoroughly. Excess oil should be removed with a gentle shampoo and if residue remains, shampoo twice. If the hair seems and feels dry, use a trusted organic conditioner.

How often to use olive oil for hair treatment:

It is advisable to apply and massage olive oil once or twice a week for better results.

Also, you can use organic extra virgin olive oil to treat hair problems by applying it directly to your scalp and hair before washing or to use it as a leave-in conditioner after you wash your hair so whether you wish to use it as a shampoo or conditioner, you can.

Can pure olive oil be mixed with other ingredients for healthy hair:

Yes, Organic olive oil can be mixed with other natural ingredients for customised hair treatments.

Below are a few combinations that are beneficial and commonly used:

  1. Olive Oil and Honey Mask: Combine olive oil and honey for deep conditioning. Olive oil provides nourishment and softness while honey adds moisture.

  2. Olive Oil and Egg Mask: Combine olive oil and eggs for a protein-rich mask which enhances natural shine and strengthens hair.

  3. Olive Oil and Avocado Mask: Make a moisturising mask with avocado and olive oil. Healthy fats and vitamins in avocados promote softness and strength.

  4. Olive Oil and Yogurt Mask: Protein-packed mask with yogurt and olive oil can be used to maintain a healthy scalp.

  5. Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Gel: A soothing scalp treatment using aloe vera gel and olive oil. pH levels on the scalp are balanced with aloe vera.

  6. Olive Oil and Lemon Juice: Combine lemon juice and olive oil for a purifying treatment. You'll notice a difference in your hair when you use lemons.

  7. Olive Oil and Coconut Milk: A nourishing mask can be made with coconut milk and olive oil. Vitamins and minerals in coconut milk promote healthy hair growth.

  8. Olive Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil: Make a stimulating scalp treatment with rosemary essential oil and olive oil because hair growth and circulation may be improved with rosemary oil.

Before applying any mixture to your hair and scalp it is vital to perform a patch test, especially if you have allergies.

Depending on your hair's needs, these combinations can be used as masks, pre-shampoo treatments or leave-in conditioners and you can customise these treatments to address specific concerns.

Conclusion: Based on Customer reviews:

According to estimate, 80% people are satisfied by the results of olive oil for their hair.

Also, According to American Academy of Dermatology: "Olive oil is a natural emollient that can help to hydrate and nourish the hair. It also contains antioxidants, which can help to protect the hair from damage. Olive oil can be used to condition the hair, reduce frizz, and promote hair growth." 

As a result, incorporating organic olive oil into your hair care routine seems to provide numerous benefits. Organic olive oil nourishes and moisturises the hair, promoting softness and shine and hair is protected from environmental factors and styling tools by its antioxidant properties. Organic olive oil also prevents split ends and reduces frizz, so your hair looks healthier and stronger.

As a hair treatment, Organic olive oil not only enhances the beauty of your hair, but also offers a natural and sustainable choice.

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  • DIRECTIONS OF USE: The root of the hair strands should be massaged with your fingertip. You should leave the oil on your hair for at least 20 minutes and the result is silky, nourished hair.

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Alternative to Organic Olive oil for hair careAlternative to Organic Olive oil for hair care

You can enhance your hair's beauty by just adding organic olive oil to your routine. Furthermore, it's a natural and sustainable alternative to hair care so be sure to take advantage of the power of nature to reveal truly beautiful hair with organic olive oil.