Best Grass fed Organic butter ghee for cooking

As a result of its high smoke point and the fact that it contains CLA, ghee is good for health and also delicious for sauteing vegetables, meats and seafood.

11/25/20233 min read

Organic butter ghee for cooking: Grass fed.
Organic butter ghee for cooking: Grass fed.

Certification when buying organic ghee for peace of mind:

Firstly, to make an informed decision you must consider the ghee's source, flavor profile and smoke point. Also, Choose ghee that comes from pasture-raised cows and choose a smoke point that matches how you intend to cook.

Secondly,The certifications matter because that ensures it's authenticity and quality. When buying Check for these certifications:

  1. USDA Organic Certification:

    In the farming and production processes, the USDA Organic seal assures the absence of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

  2. Non-GMO Project Verified:

    In addition, this certification ensures that the cows are not fed GMO feed and the production process adheres to non-GMO standards.

  3. Certified Grass-Fed:

    Certified pasture-based milk ensures the health, welfare and nutritional profile of the cows producing the ghee. it also ensures they are grass fed.

  4. Certified Gluten-Free:

    Ghee certified gluten-free can avoid any gluten contamination if you are gluten-sensitive.

There are also some brands that carry certifications for specific dietary preferences and restrictions, such as Certified Paleo, Whole30 Approved, or Kosher and so its better if these certifications are there and lastly, read customers review before making the purchase.

Best Organic butter ghee to buy:

Hunter & Gather Certified Organic Ghee:

100% Organic Cow Butter, GRASS FED ORGANIC GHEE - Free from solvents, pesticides and blends of oils, made by clarifying butter from 100% British Grass Fed Cattle. No lactose or casein! It's rich in Vitamin A and Omega 3s. EU Organic certified.

Grass Fed British Cows 450g | Sugar, Gluten & Seed Oil Free & Low Lactose content | Keto, Low Carb & Paleo:    

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Organic butter ghee for cookingOrganic butter ghee for cooking

Benefits of Organic butter ghee for cooking:

There are several potential benefits to cooking with organic butter ghee, including:

  1. High Smoke-point:

    Suitable for high-temperature cooking methods such as frying and sautéing: ghee has a high smoke point, so it won't burn or produce harmful compounds.

  2. Rich Flavor and taste:

    Rich, nutty flavor of ghee enhances the taste, especially if your cooking  of Indian or Middle Eastern dishes, making your food even more delicious.

  3. Nutrient Density:

    It has fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, and K, which contribute to healthy skin, eyes and immune function.

  4. Lactose-Free:

    Due to the clarification process, ghee is lactose-free, making it suitable for lactose intolerant individuals.

  5. Contains Butyric Acid:

    In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, butyric acid found in ghee may promote gut health.

  6. Long Shelf Life:

    Compared with regular butter, ghee has a longer shelf life due to its low moisture content.

  7. Stable at Room Temperature:

    As ghee remains solid at room temperature, it can be stored and used for extended periods without refrigeration.

  8. Source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):

    Several studies suggest CLA found in ghee may have potential health benefits, including anti-cancer properties.

  9. Boosts Nutrient Absorption:

    Vitamins and minerals absorbed from fat-soluble foods are better absorbed with ghee.

  10. Culinary Versatility:

    The high stability and rich flavor of the product make it suitable for frying, baking, and seasoning dishes.


The milk solids have been removed from ghee and because of its high smoke point and CLA content, it is also associated with weight loss, inflammation reduction, and improved heart health.

The best way to choose between ghee and oil for cooking is to take into consideration the dish that you are making, as well as your own dietary preferences.

You can add flavor and richness to cooked dishes by drizzling Ghee over them and also if you want to cook at high temperatures however, In order to make delicate vegetables taste as good as possible, you should sauté them in in cooking oils like olive oil or avocado oil.