GOTS Approved Organic Cotton Bedding

About third of our lives is spend under our covers, so it's vital to explore sustainable and ethical organic cotton bedding, duvet set, pillowcases.

11/19/20234 min read

In this blog post we will explore: Why to buy organic cotton bedding and choosing the best and most reliable beddings available on Amazon.

Organic cotton bedding uk
Organic cotton bedding uk

GOTS approved Organic cotton Bed sheets and linen on Amazon UK: Why buy Organic cotton Bedding UK:

What we will discuss in this article?

1: The most important factors to consider when buying organic cotton bedding.

2: GOTS certified 300 thread counts duvet and pillowcase set.

3: GOTS certified 300 thread counts bed sheet.

4: Advantages and disadvantages of organic cotton beddings.

So let's starts,

There are plenty of advantages of buying organic cotton beddings. UK organic cotton bedding consists of bed linens made from cotton grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms. By minimising the use of harmful chemicals, beddings can only be produced using sustainable farming methods.

1: The most important factors to consider when buying organic cotton are:

i) Certification (GOTS)

ii) Thread counts

1(a): Certification: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS):

When buying organic beddings, look for certification which insures the quality of the product and the certification you are looking for here is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

The GOTS certification ensures that the entire production process is environmentally and socially sustainable. The environmental and health benefits of organic cotton bedding outweigh those of conventional cotton, which is heavily pesticide-based and chemical-intensive so, make sure to check the correct certification before your purchase.

1(b): Significance of thread counts:

Organic cotton bedding is often judged by its thread count meaning the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Usually, 200 to 300 thread counts are considered good quality for organic cotton bedding. An extra touch of luxury may be added by a thread count over 400. Fabric with a high thread count is usually more durable and softer and can go up-to 800 thread counts.

1b(i): Soft and Luxury feel:

Fabrics with a higher thread count tend to feel more luxurious.

1b(ii): Durability:

Fabrics with a high thread count are more durable over time.

2: Buy GOTS approved and 300 thread count organic cotton bedding available on Amazon UK:

2(a): Organic cotton 3 Piece Duvet cover and pillow cases Set.

Amazon Aware 100% Organic Cotton 300 Thread Count Sateen 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set. 230x220cm duvet cover and 50x80cm pillowcases included in the king size duvet cover set, made of 100% organic cotton. GOTS certified.

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2(b): Organic cotton fitted sheet:

Amazon Aware 100% Organic Cotton 300 Thread Count Sateen Fitted Sheet. Made of 300-thread-count 100% organic cotton that gets softer over time, this fitted sheet measures 160 x 200 x 30 cm, and is machine washable in cold water.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic cotton bedding over regular bedding:

Let's explore advantages of natural cotton bedding,

Advantages of Organic cotton beddings:

The benefits of using organic cotton beddings ranges from being personal to more wider eco-friendly.

  1. Environmental benefits:

    By using organic farming practices, synthetic chemicals are reduced which may harm wildlife and water resources. Biodiversity and ecosystem health are also promoted.

  2. Healthier for sleepers:

    People with sensitive skin or allergies may find organic cotton bedding hypoallergenic and free from pesticide residues helping with their allergy.

  3. Quality and comfort:

    Compared to conventional cotton bedding, organic cotton bedding often feels soft and breathable. A more restful sleep can result from using natural cotton bedding.

  4. Social impact:

    Fair labor practices are often part of organic cotton farming, so workers receive fair wages and are safe.

Disadvantages of organic cotton bedding:

A few disadvantages of using organic cotton beddings are,

  1. May not be as durable:

    Regular cotton is more durable than organic cotton. Unlike regular cotton, it has not been treated with chemicals to make it more durable.

  2. More expensive:

    Bedsheets made from organic cotton are often more expensive due to labor-intensive production.

  3. Fewer range & colour options:

    Organic cotton bedding is not as colourful, patterned or stylish as regular bedding as that would have to involve other chemicals and procedures to be added for the desired result.

Steps in making Organic cotton beddings, Duvet and pillowcase:

Growing cotton plants is the first step in making organic cotton bedding. To protect cotton plants from diseases and pests, organic farmers practice crop rotation, composting and biological pest control.

Later, bed sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and other bedding items are made from organic cotton once it is harvested, spun, woven, certified and made available.


Individual preferences, budget considerations and sensitivities can also influence whether organic cotton bedding is "better" than regular bedding. The comfort factor may not matter to everyone or they may prioritise other factors like a desire for higher quality or more sustainable bedding.

when buying choose bedding with certifications from either GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or Soil Association Organic Standards. Environmental and social criteria are met by these certifications.

Organic cotton bedding UK with 300 Thread count and 100% organicOrganic cotton bedding UK with 300 Thread count and 100% organic
Organic cotton bedding sheet with 300 Thread count and 100% organicOrganic cotton bedding sheet with 300 Thread count and 100% organic